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Give me Convenience or Give me Death

Band or Artist:
Dead Kennedys


Country of Origin:

Country Launched This Edition:


Sleeve Concept:

Cover Art:
Winston Smith, Jayed Scotti (Fallout Produtcions) and Dee Dee

Back Cover Layout:
Christopher Rankin

Insert Booklet:
Biafra and John Yates with assistance and contributions from: Winston Smith (Fallout Productions), Leslie, John Greenway, Mark Pauline, Bruce Slesinger, Steve Ballinger, Armando Morales, Tim Yohannan, Elliot Mazer, Steve Pfauter, Michelle Hanissee, Warren Hincklet, Greg Wright, Pat Wynne, Charles Gatewood, Debi Howell, LT. V. Valle (Research), George Deutman, Frank Trembley, Coy Thane, West, Mike Niedermayer, Dirk Dirksen, Damon and the Fullerton License Plate Man.

Following the LP had a 7 inch single flex disc

Cover (plasticized):

Bach Cover (plasticized and unfocused):

Booklet 1 (unfocused):

Booklet 2 (unfocused):

Booklet 3 (unfocused):

Booklet 4 (unfocused):

Booklet 5 (unfocused):

Booklet 6 (unfocused):

Booklet 7 (unfocused):

Booklet 8 (unfocused):

Booklet 9 (unfocused):

Booklet 10 (unfocused):

Booklet 11 (unfocused):

Booklet 12 (unfocused):

Booklet 13 (unfocused):

Seal A (unfocused):

Seal B (unfocused):

Seal A (unfocused):

Seal B (unfocused):

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