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Concerto I para Piano e Orquestra - Os Prelúdios, Poema Sinfônico n° 3

Band or Artist:
Various Artists


Country of Origin:

Country Launched This Edition:


Art Direction:
Eduardo Barreto

Head of Art:
Jonas Plaça

Art Assistant:
Akiko Gushiken, Marcia Helena Ribeiro

Franz Liszt plays to Alexandre Dumas, George Sand, Marie d’Agoult (seated, from left to right), Victor Hugo, Paganini and Rossini (standing), by Joseph Danhanuser. Archiv für Kunst und Geschichte, Berlin

Booklet 1:
Popular Party, stamp of 1840, Stamps Collection Bertarelli, Milan

Booklet 2:
Birthplace of Liszt, Raiding, Hungary. Davéria: Juvenile Picture of Franz Liszt. Boulevard of Italians, Paris. Stamp of XIX century. National Library. Paris (Scarnati photo). Mondadori Photography Archive

Booklet 3:
Laconte: Battle at the Door of Saint-Denis. Paris. In july 1830. Carnavalet Museum. Paris (Mondadori Photography Archive). Charles Lehmann: Franz Liszt. Louvre Museum. Paris (Giraurton Photo). Caroline of Saint-Cricq, Stamp of XIX century. Roger-Viollet Collection. Paris. Theodore Chassériau: Marie d’Agoult. Design 1841. Louvre Museum. Paris

Booklet 4:
Weimar: Pattern of the XIX. National Center of Research and Documentation. Weimar. Joseph Kriehuber: Liszt With Hector Berlioz. Carl Czerny (standing), Joseph Kriehuber and Heinrich Wilhelm Ernst (sitting). Corvina Archive. Budapest

Booklet 5:
William Beckmann: Liszt’s daughter Cosima, Richard Wagner and Hans von Wolzogen. 1880 oil. Wagner Lucerna Museum. Frontispiece Years of Wandering. Austrian National Library. Vienna

Booklet 6:
Frontispiece of the Oratory. The Legend Of St. Isabel. Popular Music Library. Leipzig. Frontispiece of the first edition of Dante Symphony. Library Verdi Conservatory. Milan. Frontispiece scene Hungarian. Library Verdi Conservatory. Milan. Frontispiece of Ràkóczy March. National Szechenyi  Library. Budapest. Eugene Delacroix: The Dante’s Barque. Louvre Museum. Paris

Booklet 7:
Franz Liszt’s Piano. Center of Celebrations Richard Wagner. Bayreuth

Back Cover:
Eugênia Empress with Her Ladies, by Franz Xaver Winterhalter. Castle Copenhagen. (Bulloz Photo)

Cover and Back Cover (unfocused):

Booklet 1 (unfocused):

Booklet 2 (unfocused):

Booklet 3 (unfocused):

Booklet 4 (unfocused):

Booklet 5 (unfocused):

Booklet 6 (unfocused):

Booklet 7 (unfocused):

Seal A (unfocused):

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